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Webinars & Hybrid Conferences (in person and simultaneously online)

  • Find conference venue & dates
  • EOF, SFEE, PIS procedures
  • Organization of accommodation & Transfer of the Speakers-Presidents to and from the airport in case the conference is held outside Athens
  • Conference performance
  • Office of registration and reception of delegates during the conference
  • Issuance of Conference Attendance Certificates

European & International Conferences

  • Organization of the program
  • Sending Newsletters
  • Registration of Participants with a special electronic registration form from our site
  • Send LINK for online participation of Speakers – Presidents
  • Financial budget & management of the conference
  • Set up and pay advances to hotels and any partner or supplier
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Φωτογραφία από τον χρήστη Anna Shvets στο Pexels

Secretarial & Technical Support

  • Telephone communication and correspondence with Speakers – Presidents
  • Airline and other ticket reservations
  • Telephone communication and correspondence with Sponsors – Pharmaceutical companies
  • Conference statistical coverage and reporting to organizers
  • Listings of informational posters in the appropriate places – hospitals